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In Their Remembrance

Memorials can represent your loved one’s life, after they have passed.


Memorial Designer-Consultants

A family business that was established in 1986 to bring peace to grieving families.

About Us

Everlasting Memorials: Manitoba’s Memorial Specialists

Are you looking for memorial specialists around the Manitoba area to design a gravestone for your deceased loved one? The team of memorial design-consultants at Everlasting Memorials are at your service. We provide memorial products and give you a wide range of choices that include inscriptions, statues, urns, laser etching, accessories and more. From housing an indoor showroom and laser machine to providing custom work, we strive to make this process easier for you. 

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Manitoba’s Largest Indoor Memorial Showroom

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Modern memorial designs

Memorializing Loved Ones Since 1986

We are a small team of memorial design consultants and a stone mason that has decades of experience. We are dedicated to delivering quality memorial services to immortalize your loved ones with beautiful headstones. We are a family business established in 1986 with a commitment to provide compassionate memorial services for the departed. Some of our work can be seen in small town and big city cemeteries, park trails, and at heritage sites all throughout Canada. From memorials for your deceased family and friends to cremation urns and memorials for your deceased pets, we can help you choose a memorial that will represent the essence of their life.

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Memorial Services

As your memorial designer-consultants, we strive to make the memory of your loved one everlasting with a treasured symbol. We offer the following services:
 Inscriptions: Whether you need to have a date added to an already existing headstone or want a full inscription, we offer both on-site as well as in-house lettering for your convenience.
 Restorations: We offer a full range of restoration services for granite and bronze memorials for any damaged or old gravestones you wish to revive. This service is available both on site and in our stone masonry shop.

Free Design consultations: It can be difficult to choose a memorial for your loved one. Making a decision when there are a wide range of options to select from can be overwhelming at this difficult time. As experienced memorial designers, we can help you understand the important aspects that come with planning a memorial stone such as cemetery permits, and rules and regulations. You can choose to select a memorial at our shop or in the comfort of your own home. We provide online and over the phone consultations for all Manitobans. You can contact us to set up a free design consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

Symbolic Headstones

Memorials are an anchor that symbolize hope and eternal life.

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Decorative Urns

Place your loved one’s ashes in an urn that speaks of their personality.

an Eternity together

Create a memorial that reflects your special relationship.

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