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We all wish our pets could live a longer life. The joy they bring to us in those short and numbered years is worth cherishing. At Everlasting Memorials, we offer pet memorials and urns in Manitoba and across Canada to let your dear friend rest in peace. We have a variety of pet memorials that will let you represent their spirit of joy in their death. We also offer pet family memorials with multiple name inscriptions and laser portrait etching to immortalize their memory. 

Contact our consultants today to discuss what will best suit your requirements.

You might want to bury your pets in your backyard to keep their memory close to you. We will get the job done whether you want a granite structure, a customized statue, flat markers, or bronze memorial markers.  We are also able to order speciall urns and memorial jewelry from well-known brands like LoveUrns. 

Let the memory of your pet bring joy to you even after their passing.

Pet Memorials

Cherish your loving companion with a memorial that will serve their memory.

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