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Traditional Urns and Accessories in Manitoba

In our store in Manitoba, we have urns and accessories to preserve the ashes of your loved ones. Crematory urns date back centuries and were a popular tradition. To honour the memory of your loved one, Everlasting Memorials has a collection of beautiful and elegant urns of different capacities ranging from the ones that can hold the ashes of your small pets or infants to the ones that can hold the ashes of an adult. You can select an urn for your loved one’s ashes that best represents their personality. From decorative bronze urns with flowers to keepsake urns with religious engravings, and traditional burial urns, we carry many types. We also offer a wide range of memorial accessories such as solar lights, candle holders and custom marble, granite, and bronze statues.

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In the effort to bring you high standard products, our collection of urns also includes Biondan Bronze urns that we import. You can store them away, place it on your mantle, or bury them. Our urns are produced to be durable.

Biondan Bronze Urns

Whether you want a keepsake urn or a traditional burial urn, we can customize it for you.

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